Stuck - Change Is Bad

The debut album by Chi­cago group Stuck is pretty much ever­ything you could hope for and a mas­sive leap in sophisti­ca­tion over their already rock solid debut EP. Just like back then, Stuck still have no inten­tion of reinven­ting the post­core wheel, but ins­tead exhi­bit a tho­rough under­stan­ding of their genre's ins and outs and the skill­ful usage of its grammar and voca­bu­lary to quite thril­ling effect. While there's unde­nia­bly some influ­ence of their home­town scene of yes­te­ryear - as well as the obli­gatory traces of 90s Washing­ton - their sound mostly reminds me of cur­rent acts such as USA Nails and even more of the recent wave of aus­tra­lian bands like Bat­piss, Bench Press and Noughts.