Xetas - The Cypher

Their third LP - once again released via the tas­te­fully named label 12XU Records (which i'm totally not invol­ved with, i pro­mise!) - pres­ents Aus­tin punks Xetas' sound in its most mature incar­na­tion yet, most noti­ce­able in terms of its more con­fi­dent, varied and always rock solid song­craft. Still riding the fine line bet­ween strai­ght­for­ward punk rock and ener­ge­tic post punk/-core, with the needle poin­ting a bit more in the lat­ter direc­tion this time, you might describe this shit as a curious mix bet­ween Red Dons, Video, Meat Wave and Day­light Rob­bery. In other words: Qua­lity Stuff!