Isotope Soap - An Artifact Of Insects

So far, the synth-/ga­rage punk pro­ject Iso­tope Soap a.k.a. swe­disch punk vete­ran Peter Swe­den­ha­mar has released not­hing but top qua­lity stuff in the form of three EPs, all of them were reis­sued last year on a com­pi­la­tion album via Emo­tio­nal Response. His first long­player doesn't dis­s­ap­point eit­her. On it, Swe­den­ha­mar con­si­der­a­bly expands his eclec­tic raid of obscure punk history, resul­ting in his most varied and play­ful release yet, incor­po­ra­ting among other things moments of trippy space punk, pure synth pop, dreamy kraut­s­capes. And of course also a lot of his more strai­ght­for­ward signa­ture Devo-meet-Aus­mu­teas­nts style that made up the bulk of his EPs.