Alien Nosejob - Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud

I'm not sure if Alien Nose­job cur­r­ently exist as a full blown band, but at least for their second long play­ing effort, Jake Robert­son (Aus­mu­te­ants, School Damage, Lea­ther Towel, Hiero­phants, etc.) has been record­ing ever­ything on his own. While the last few releases tur­ned out to be a rather wild and unpre­dic­ta­ble ride - tou­ch­ing on Power-/Jan­gele Pop, Synth Pop and Hard­core Punk among other things - Alien Nosejob's newest album is an unex­pec­tedly con­sis­tent work mostly ope­ra­ting in a spec­trum of sad power pop and more fami­liar Aus­mu­te­ants style garage fare, wrap­ped in a warm and fuzzy ana­log aes­the­tic vary­ing from mid- to high fide­lity. Wit­hout excep­tion, these songs are top rate stuff, just clas­sic Robert­son at his best.