Moist Boy - Deep Rest

Moist Boy from New Bed­ford, Mas­sa­chu­setts are one of the rare cases in which a band comes some­what close to what you could call pop punk wit­hout imme­dia­tely pis­sing me off. But for me, that's having most to do with incredi­bly low stan­dards in that par­ti­cu­lar genre rather than an aver­sion to simple, strai­ght­for­ward melo­dies. Pop punk bands just tend to fuck up even the most basic, fun­da­men­tal com­pon­ents of decent punk rock.
Moist Boy don't suck in the sligh­test and that's thanks to first rate song­wri­ting abi­li­ties, an ade­qua­tely tight and pun­chy per­for­mance and - to coun­ter the sweet catchy­ness of their melo­dies - a dis­tinct garage edge as well as some rather dark lyri­cal con­tent. Qua­lity stuff throughout and requi­red lis­ten­ing if you appre­ciate bands like Cheap Whine, Dark Thoughts, Steve Ada­myk Band… maybe even The Mar­ked Men!