B.E.E.F. 39X - Man-Simulator 5

At first lis­ten, i can't help but think of the texan (neo) no wave/​chaotic noise rock con­nec­tion around bands like Flesh Narc, Gay Cum Dad­dies and a few other pro­jects sharing much of the same per­son­nel. Howe­ver, this band is from Phil­adel­phia, making any asso­cia­tion with those rather unli­kely. Also, on clo­ser inspec­tion, their sound and songs come across a lot more struc­tu­red, com­pa­red with the kinda semi-impro­vi­sed feel of the Den­ton scene's out­put. Sound­wise, this is some­what less in the no wave camp, lea­ning more into the noise rock side of things and now that i'm thin­king of it… I also see quite some simi­la­ri­ties to their geo­gra­phi­cally much clo­ser New York con­tem­pora­ries Spray Paint and Big Neck Police, as well as a hint of cana­dian noise punks Sop­cans.