Krul - EP

The aus­tra­lian Scene always finds new ways to sur­prise, some­ti­mes out­right baffle me. This time it's done by a mel­bourne group fea­turing mem­bers of, among others, Kids Of Zoo, pro­foundly unsett­ling my sense of geo­gra­phy by way of having their lyrics sung in japa­nese. Sound-wise, i'm remin­ded of more-or-less gloomy post punk stuff by acts like Insti­tute, Diät, Cri­mi­nal Code, Pretty Hurts or Acry­lics - com­bi­ned with some noisy and rough DIY punk in the vein of Lumpy & The Dum­pers, Laun­cher or Beast Fiend, as well as a faint echo of Hot Snakes.