Big Bite - Trinity

Last year's long play­ing debut by Seat­tle group Big Bite already struck me as an ano­maly of the most wel­come kind. Now their sopho­more effort comes across as no less bril­li­ant - once again breat­hing new life into a par­ti­cu­lar 90s niche, oscil­la­ting some­where bet­ween strai­ght­for­ward, no-fuss but high-thrust indie- and alter­na­tive rock plus a bit of shoegaze. Think Sugar, Polvo or Swer­ve­dri­ver when it comes to bands of the afo­re­men­tio­ned era, or of more recent acts like early Ovlov, Par­do­ner, Mil­ked or Dead Soft. Psy­che­de­lic moments are given a bit more empha­sis here than on their first, while in the album's final stretch you can sense a subtle post punk vibe of the Teen­an­ger or Con­stant Mon­grel variety.