Nick Normal - Windows Painted Shut

Portland's Nick Nor­mal already made a most wel­come splash in the form of a hand­ful of rather Lo-Fi soun­d­ing EPs in recent past. Not only has the dude now found a per­fect home in bet­ween all the other wha­cky mother­fu­ckers releasing their stuff via Dis­con­ti­nuous Inno­va­tion Inc, but we also get to hear his music for the first time in a sonic pre­sen­ta­tion that takes at least some advan­tage of the audi­ble range. Other­wise it's busi­ness as usual, which in this case means a shit­load of off-kil­ter fun half­way bet­ween post- and garage punk. Add to that a hint of new wave and you might be remin­ded of Andy Human or Erik Ner­vous, also you might draw some par­al­lels to Aus­mu­te­ants or Useless Eaters.