Eyes Ni­ne­ty Red Steer
Night Lunch De­ath Bul­ge 5000
Hu­vet Svar­ta Hål
Mop Bu­ckets Drink I Am Drin­king
Nic­fit Stink
Self Im­pro­ve­ment Fil­ling Time

New Ob­li­vi­on You We­re Not­hing
Milt Ri­sing In­fla­ti­on
Marbled Eye Dir­ty Wa­ter
Joy Clea­ner Sel­ling The Mood
Kids on a Crime Spree When Can I See You Again?
Sweet Kni­ves Don't Think Too Much

The Car­r­i­on Craw­lers Land of Not­hing
Work Ethic Mo­vin' Out
Sep­tic Weigh­ted Blan­ket
Pa­ra­noi­se Bo­dy Farm
Zhoop Wwiii
SKXI Crys­tal Me­th Su­per­star
Foil Pe­ruvi­an Coke
Fi­nal Fuk­ker Emer­gen­cy
Wee­nog Cur­se
Glands Ge­ne­ric Was­te

Ba­by Ty­ler Pro­blems
Re­al Peop­le En­ough About Hu­man Rights
Nuts (What Rhy­mes With) Big Da­ta
Vi­si­on De­mon But you
Print Head Collec­tion Of Ha­bits
Spodee Boy Hell To Pay
Slimex Dream­width
Bil­liam Song 3
The Tyrds Wow You're Cool
Ste­ro­id Ro­ckin In The Free World